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My Approach

Tropical Island

     In my counseling practice, I employ a person-centered approach that places you, the client, at the forefront of our therapeutic journey. With a deep commitment to fostering a safe and non-judgmental space, I believe in the inherent capacity of individuals to navigate their unique paths towards growth and self-discovery. By centering our sessions around your experiences, emotions, and perspectives, I aim to create a collaborative environment where your autonomy and self-awareness can flourish.

     Empathy is the cornerstone of my therapeutic style, as I strive to truly understand and connect with your emotions and lived experiences. I recognize the importance of being attuned to your needs, providing genuine support, and fostering a sense of validation. This empathic approach forms the foundation for our therapeutic relationship, allowing us to explore challenges, celebrate successes, and work towards transformative change together.

     Additionally, my counseling approach is anchored in existentialism, acknowledging the profound impact of personal responsibility, freedom, and the search for meaning in one's life. By delving into existential themes, we can explore the fundamental questions surrounding existence, purpose, and choice. This philosophical grounding complements my person-centered and empathic methods, offering a holistic approach to help you navigate life's complexities and find greater fulfillment.

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